60. A new year, new opportunities

4 January, 2021

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Strangely, this is the first time I have to write the new date, always takes a while getting used to.

Getting used to that “figure one” that I suddenly have to change often when I get stuck again in the previous year, getting used to the fact that once again a year has flown by, getting used to the good intentions you made and will never last.

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But we mainly focus on the prospect of a year full of challenges and new ideas.

We started one of them with New Year’s Eve, which flowed into the New Year. Yes, our New Year’s Eve package, which we organized from Lavinia Events Alicante. And it must be said, it was a hit!

Honest, hard work, lots of helping hands from friends, and especially from Mieke and Elie -her daughter-, who helped us tremendously. They had to deal with a headstrong chef who had her goal straight in mind, perhaps not easy for them. But isn’t a “chef” always like that?


The first guests arrived around 2 pm, New Year’s Eve, followed by the last couple at 3:30 pm. Suddenly Lavinia was full of life again, Alicante must have known. The cheerful cries as the couples jumped into the fresh water, the cheerful chatter of people having a great time. Wim came to tell me, with a big smile on his face, that it was such a great pleasure to be able to receive guests again. Being able to give people the holiday of their lives again, even if it is only 1 night. With all the trimmings, that’s for sure!

Unfortunately, a couple had been forced to cancel the day before, reducing the number to a total of 6 people. But, we didn’t let it get to our heart, because now it turned out that only naturists were staying overnight. “Every disadvantage has its advantage”, again. This meant that our guests could also swim naked.

The atmosphere was good from the start, and that gave us an extra boost and energy to make this evening a super cool transition. The night before we quickly put together a sketch.

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From half past four, Wim and I were on our own. The challenge was to prepare the 7-course menu and more or less respect the timing. Wim had carefully studied his wine arrangement – thanks to another good friend, Pat – who had prepared this for him in a sublime way.

As soon as people entered the “house restaurant”, while enjoying their aperitif, you could hear the ohs and ahs of wonder and admiration for the extremely cozy tables and room.

My heart swelled with pride. And much more, when we were always praised for the excellent wine, the tasty and surprising dishes, the beautiful crockery. I have to admit, it does something to a person. But above all, it is wonderful to see people enjoy so much what Lavinia could offer them. Of course we had the luxury that the more favorable situation in Spain offered the possibilities to do this.

Our self-confidence increased by the minute, and the sketches in between – which were extremely short – turned out to be a bull’s eye. Our goal was achieved, we slowly built up the tension in the story and triggered the curiosity of the people. What our story was, remains TOP SECRET 😉, but I can assure you there was ambiance. There was laughter and sounding on the new year – not as it used to be before, of course – but the starting shot for a promising 2021 has been given.

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This event is worth repeating. What’s more: our next event is already set in the agenda: Valentine’s package.

And we have a lot more ideas for developing such theme arrangements. These are welcome days in the silent and dead period. Lavinia has to live, and that is only possible with happy and satisfied guests.

Hasta Luego,


Lavinia Events Alicante is ontstaan vanuit de schoot van Lavinia Naturist Resort om in de vrije dagen (tussen november en februari) ook niet-naturisten te laten genieten van het unieke kader van Lavinia via georganiseerde thema -arrangementen. Ook groepen (wandelaars, golfers,…), teambuildings, families, bedrijven en verenigingen kunnen het hele complex afhuren. Meer info betreffende Lavinia Events Alicante vind je op de website, op Facebook en op Instagram.

Naturisten blijven natuurlijk hun geliefde zonvakantie beleven in Lavinia Naturist Resort en vinden info op deze website, op Facebook, op Instagram en op ons YouTube kanaal.


Lavinia Events Alicante originated from the womb of Lavinia Naturist Resort to allow non-naturists to enjoy the unique setting of Lavinia through organized theme packages during the days off (between November and February). Groups (hikers, golfers, …), team buildings, families, companies and associations can also rent the entire complex. You can find more information about Lavinia Events Alicante on the website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

Naturists will of course continue to experience their beloved sun holiday at Lavinia Naturist Resort and find information on this website, on Facebook, on Instagram and on our YouTube channel.

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