69. Bulgarian Roses

4 June, 2021

Alicante, Thursday 3 June 2021

The long-awaited text message arrived on Friday! It is our turn to be vaccinated. Together, on the same day, Wim and I.

Happy as a child, because honestly I was really looking forward to it. Soon it will happen, within exactly one hour they will put our shot. It will give us a much more reassuring feeling when we receive our guests. Not that the reins will then be loosened, but in the head it will give more rest. Perhaps the pariah feeling will shift more to the background. Because that feeling has always been there until now. Anyone can potentially carry the “enemy” within them. So there is a strong urge to avoid and the ‘social distancing rule’ is a mantra that keeps buzzing in our heads. We really can’t afford a contagion in Lavinia.

It gives me a bit of a mixed feeling, that vaccination. On the one hand there is the fear that is inspired by all the horror stories that have been rammed down our throats for months, and on the other hand the realization that this could well be the beginning of a completely new era. An era without masks, an era of regained freedom, of cuddling. At least that’s what I hope, and just about the whole world along with me. That the involuntary hostage-taking that this nasty virus has been holding us down for over a year now finally ends. Just as with any other hostage situation, Stockholm syndrome can arise, this one is no different. It’s like taking the side of the enemy, walking along, and carefully doing what he wants you to do, even sympathizing in the extreme to save your own life. Because, you have to admit : a lot of companies have earned a decent amount of money so far. One in a more ethical way than the other. Unfortunately, the world is like that. But I don’t want to get involved in the doomsaying. I prefer to take the positive things out of it. The realization that every day you get a gift to make it what you want. The realization that you live in the now – cliche, I know – but tomorrow you may not be presented with the same opportunities. Carpe Diem!

That is why we immediately accepted the very special invitation we received last week. From our very first guests – remember “Bulgarian Roses”. (click on the link to read it) Dimo, the husband of these very first guests, two years ago, unexpectedly stayed in his apartment an hour and a half drive from here. Whether we felt like being his guests for a few days? How special is that? In the end, they only stayed one night with us, and then in a pre-resort stage. But apparently that left an impression, both with us and with them, so that we were still in contact with each other now and then. Coincidentally, we had no guests, so we were able to free ourselves without much trouble. Seize opportunities when you can. So we drove to Gandia on Monday full of enthusiasm to meet Dimo ​​after two years. We were welcomed very warmly, and he really went out of his way to receive us like a real host. He had cleaned every corner of the apartment, we were even offered his bedroom while he would sleep in the guest room. And on top of that he cooked fantastic typical Bulgarian dishes! The passion with which he presented the ingredients – from the Bulgarian shop in town, of course – was immensely fascinating. He really had thought of everything. He had specially bought a mug for us to take home afterwards. Blessed! The eternal wonder of listening to our stories and his wide eyes were still the same as when he visited us back then.

Tuesday, after a delicious typical Bulgarian breakfast, we went to the beach together. I must admit it had been a long time since I had felt this relaxed. Enjoying the sun and the sand between my toes, the wonderfully cooling water in the sea, the waves against my back… From the simple idleness, to let go of Lavinia, for a while, ‘doing nothing’. We thoroughly enjoyed it! Unfortunately we had to return home earlier than planned. But fortunately, our motto is: “Seize the day, whenever you can”! It just makes you enjoy short moments more intensely. You can also learn to enjoy…


Hasta luego,



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