73. Birthday girls @Lavinia

28 August, 2021

Lavinia, Friday, August 27, 2021

It’s the party week! We could celebrate birthdays for three consecutive days.
Wim shot the scoop on Wednesday. The day before we had planned a day off to enjoy a day of we-time with the two of us. Somehow we seem to have such a hard time planning such days well, so that we often end up only being away for a few hours. Also this time, unfortunately. Wim had slept very little the night before (and that really not because of the ‘nerves for his birthday’). So we decided – under pressure from my overprotective soul – to go back home after breakfast in a nice breakfast bar. That way he could still try to catch up on a few hours of sleep. Because that was desperately needed, I thought. Finally we left for the coast to celebrate his birthday with a nice dinner for the two of us. It turned out to be already 3.45 pm before we arrived on the spot. To make matters worse, all restaurants, terraces and bars turned out to close their kitchen at 4 pm. Our plan to eat out melted as snow. Result : I became very grumpy, and this got worse by the minute. It was just stronger than me. I was so looking forward to a dinner with just the two of us, and I was also very hungry. That combination kills my mood. I was also pissed at myself because my childish behavior actually ruined Wim’s day. Besides, I almost ‘forced’ him to catch up on sleep. Sulking like a little child, and whining like an old woman, I got into the car. As we drove to God-knows-where, we discussed what to do next, because this wasn’t the right way to have a good day. We decided to just drive home, no stress to look for another restaurant. Just enjoy an aperitif on our own terrace and eat the leftovers of the paella. We ended the evening with a drink in the jacuzzi. It is wonderful to let the stress of the past day ‘bumble’ away from us. I don’t even know if that word even exists, but take it from me that it was very pleasant. And that under a beautiful starry sky.

August 25, D-day, Wim was extensively honored by our dear guests. They had actually floated balloons in the pool and hung streamers. They came singing to congratulate him, and he actually received very sweet gifts. While Wim wanted to give the balloons an extra push so that they would float more in the middle of the pool, I found my chance. It was too tempting, I pushed him – slippers and all – into the water. Nobody expected this, and the hilarity was great. But also the concern that he would get cold, so he was promptly handed a towel. I really can’t spare the photo of that moment…

Because Wim would kill for my stew, I put that on the menu on his day. In his very own way of humor, he accepted this in gratitude. It was a very pleasant evening with the guests, singing and laughing.

And they will sing, according to Mr Bean Wim

And then… came the icing on the cake. The guests allowed us such a pleasant moment with the two of us on his birthday, that they had come up with a surprise. We were asked to fetch towels while they conjured and lit candles. In a ‘a procession’ with flickering candles and with a lump in our throats because of so much friendliness, we followed them towards the jacuzzi. There were two other guests who had already opened the jacuzzi for us, had turned on the lights, had set up the bubbles. And on top of that, they were standing by with a bottle of Cava and two glasses. It was a memorable evening. One to never forget. The warmth we received from our guests, that heartfelt attention, it made us completely silent. Thank you dear guests, thank you!

The partying wasn’t over yet. Yesterday we could all sing together again, with a cold tapas dish on L.’s birthday, who in turn was now put in the spotlight. She did seem a little shy. And again a bottle of Cava was cracked. Cheers !

Early this morning the party for the next guest started again. A cool, fun girl turning 30 today. In secret, we hung the garlands on their terrace. Singing and with a lot of noise, with rattles – or whatever those things are called – we went to congratulate her personally. The smile on her face was fantastic.

Tonight we continue the party, with all the guests together, with good food and a surprise dessert.

How wonderfull: I sometimes feel floating because we are so blessed to experience this wealth.

Hasta luego


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