74. The first time…

8 September, 2021

Lavinia, Wednesday September 8, 2021

Time flies here like a raging whirlwind through Lavinia. Guests who stay here for fourteen days or even longer, suddenly seem to go home very quickly. Every now and then I even ask for confirmation whether they actually stayed here for the full 14 days. I have to admit that this experience is even stronger, with those guys we connect with. During which we dine for hours, laugh a lot. One moment they seem like monuments, as if they were always here. The next moment they leave again, as if they were just visiting for a day. A strange sensation. In fact, it is constantly saying goodbye – in a totally unnatural way, without a kiss, without a hug, without a handshake – only to receive the next new guests a few hours later. Always a bit curious who it is, and how it will be.

We have had an exceptional number of ‘first time naturists’ as guests in recent weeks. People of different backgrounds. Guests who don’t tell anyone that they’re going on vacation at a naturist resort, even more, who feel completely uncomfortable even telling anyone. And every time the reason for this comes up, that they don’t feel like having to justify why they do ‘something like that’. Like it’s something dirty and reprehensible. We have also been through that phase. Silently silent about the way you experience your holiday, making sure that you don’t take pictures from which anything can be inferred, etc. Not fun, not at all. The fact that you feel like you have to hide it purely because of the reactions of the people around you. But there are also those first-time guests who don’t lie about it, but who don’t talk about it either. But, bottom line is, everyone who was first naturist experience guest here, has experienced it as a very nice experience. Although it instilled a bit of fear for those people beforehand, or was just a bit exciting, we were told time and time again that the uncomfortable or unaccustomed feeling went away very quickly. One even said – after making a business call in attire on the day of arrival – that he was happy to let his clothes off again. And that for a rookie 😊. It gives us quite a good feeling that, thanks to our concept and our way of life, we can give people the opportunity to create a feeling of home even in an extremely unusual situation for them – naked and pure. A comfortable feeling, no frills, just being yourself. Isn’t that beautiful?

Monday our friends arrived, as newborn naturists. Not that they will look for it to always experience naturist holidays. But they really wanted to come here, and the only way to do that, in season, is naked. It occurred to me that they drove the full 1,850 km here by car, relaxed over a period of three days, and that just to come here on vacation with us. That realization gives me a very warm, grateful and rich feeling. I’ve never really realized, or considered, that people take a long journey just to get to Lavinia. I think it’s very special. It almost makes me blush. People – certainly this year – have been looking forward to coming here for as long as two years. Then to have the honor of giving them the holiday they so longed for is very special. That’s how it feels to me. As a gift that we get this chance to make others happy and joyful. When we see that after a few days, or sometimes already after a few hours, people can completely relax and enjoy doing nothing, chatting and dining together, then we know that we have achieved our goal of ‘unburdening’. .

By the way : Saturday my book ‘Why is Granny Naked?’ will be officially presented in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately it is impossible to pick it up myself. The books will be sent to the two distribution points – the Netherlands and Belgium. So this means that there will be at least two people who will get their hands on my book before I do. That they will be able to leaf through it, take in the smell of a new book, will be able to feel the paper. It hurts me a bit that I can’t receive them myself first. I’m very curious how it will eventually look ‘in real life’. I want to “feel” the words with my fingers, I want to be able to stick my nose into the paper, to smell the new pressure, I want to be able to hold it close to my heart, because it’s written straight from my heart. Even more, of course, I’m curious about the reactions of people who will read it. This is my first time experience. My first-time exposing to the general public. Agree, with this blog I have come a long way in this, but still, a book is something very special. Especially because it’s a very personal story. Not just any story, of course, but my childhood, my life, my half-century experiences. That alone makes it very exciting. I am very much looking forward to it. (P.S. for the time being, it is not being published in English. But it might be, if there is enough interest)

Hasta luego


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