78. New Year anno 2022

2 January, 2022

Lavinia, January 2, 2022

Strange, for the first time officialy writing down the year 2022. A new year, new numbers, it’s always a bit of adjustment. But this time a little bit less than usual, because we are already very busy with the bookings of this year (😉). So it doesn’t seem that odd anymore. 2022 is already a little bit in my fingers.

This week my new agenda was delivered. A huge one : it looks like a phone book. Soft cover, countless pages, and it weighs a ton. You can hardly say it has become a ‘pocket’agenda. I had to order through internet, because I couldn’t find one anywere, with a full page for each day, even in weekends. Usually you have to put it with a few poor lines, and if you are open 7/7, you do need that full pages. I’m a bit old fashioned, I can’t do without my paper agenda at least as far as Lavinia is concerned.  I like to write everything by hand – remember, my ‘small lists’ ? Lists, I will be able to make more than enough, because now, I even have 2 pages for each day. Maybe I decided a bit fast when I ordered it, but after half an hour, I was really happy that I found one that had the writingspace I wanted, and on top of that, they could deliver it before New Year.

This year, for the first time at New Year’s Eve, we were whole alone, just the two of us, here at Lavinia. Originaly, we wanted to organise again a New Year’s Eve Event, but, because of covid, we decided not to do it after all. And in fact, I was happy we didn’t. Eventualy, it would have been very tight, considering that we still had guests till the end of november.

And honestly? It was really nice to have some we-time, some time for each other, just enjoying the beautiful hot weather, at our own little paradise.

We had installed a very classic gourmet raclette set outside, added the fire pit, and dined under the patio heater, overlooking the lights of Alicante and the sea, without any time constraints. Without party clothes, just cosy, cozy with each other. It was wonderfully quiet, no one around us.

The intention was to also sleep outside, but the chill was too great, and afterwards it turned out that there was a strong sea fog, which brought moist air with it. Fortunately, we opted to just sleep in the house.

Sometimes the simple things are the most beautiful. You won’t hear me complaining. For days now, we have been enjoying very beautiful days, with sun and blue sky. Siesta, wonderful in our daybed – a Cabana, it seems to be called that – in the sun. Today the thermometer in the sun reached 40 degrees! And then looking out over the valley, at the glints on the sea water, and the ever-changing hues of the sky and clouds as the sunset sets in. On New Year’s Day we did our ‘New Year’s dive’: in the nice warm jacuzzi, enjoying the peace and the sunrise.

There are worse ways to start the new year…


Feliz Año ! Hasta Luego !

Annemie ofte Ana


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