86. And then it’s your birthday…

12 June, 2022

Lavinia, june 9, 2022

M. and E. came on holiday with us for the second time. Last year was their first nacation. While it was awkward then, and they were unsure whether it would be something for them, now they seemed to be seasoned naturists. It was a very happy reunion on both sides. We had been looking forward to their arrival from the moment they booked. And as always when you have returning guests, it seems like they were only with us yesterday. Immediately when you see them again, a certain mood wells up, which comes up from your memory out of nowhere. A mood and energy in which a kind of ‘user manual’ immediately pops up in your head with a ringing bell that says: they love a good Duvel-beer, you can tease them, they like to have fun, and like to sit with other guests. Check. And so there is always an ice-cold Duvel ready to welcome them, and you feel the same click as when they left here last year.

When guests come here for the first time, it is a bit of a test on both sides. Just stick out your antennas, and carefully put your sixth sense to work trying to figure out what form of communication they have, how they capture our communication. Often the moment – or even the day of arrival – is not a good parameter here. People often have had a short night, or maybe something went wrong along the way. In any case, the travel itself is tiring and often stressful. After the guests had the time to  calm down for a night and had time to explore the domain, they usually feel a lot more relaxed. Only then do you gradually get to know them.

Not with M. and E., they could immediately throw their full weight into the Lavinia tub, and be themselves from the first minute. Soon there was laughter.

Moreover, it turned out that M., the lady in question, had her birthday during her stay. Not just a birthday, but a beautiful, round 45 years. That had to be celebrated. We wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t have a surprise in store. Well, then it’s your birthday at Lavinia’s, and maybe you wish no one had found out. Even before we could deliver breakfast, we gathered everyone for the ‘birthday procession’. I don’t want to give more details about it, because maybe it’s your turn next time. 😉

Princely she was still dozing and waking up – as it turned out afterwards. With a ‘just-out-of-bed haircut’, the birthday girl came out of the villa somewhat dazed. Perhaps our cheerful singing had awakened her. She obviously didn’t quite realize what was going on around her. Her eyes still squinting against the bright morning light, the sheets still silhouetted on her cheek. I did feel a little guilty, but that quickly faded when I saw her radiant look, brightened by a colorful wreath of flowers that one of the other guests had hastily put together. The additional hip hip hooray she accepted gratefully and somewhat shyly.

The whole day was devoted to having fun. Spontaneously all the guests gathered, under the self-crafted umbrella of palm branches. It was all fun. So much so that no one felt like leaving the gang for something to eat. Spontaneously, ‘greaseiness’ in the form of chips, nuts and cheese was brought out here and there. And yes, also a glass, or two, or… Until late in the evening there was a pleasant chat. A spontaneous event, so beautiful to see, a dynamic that you cannot organize with the best will in the world. Organically grown, and just because of that so beautiful and unique.

The next day everyone was remarkably quiet and ‘antisocial’. It could just be that here and there the man with the hammer had struck.

Hasta Luego,



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