95. Twenty seconds TV star

2 December, 2022

Lavinia, November 29, 2022

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The past weekend was completely unexpectedly turned upside down. As we try to meet several deadlines at the same time, it seems that deadlines are only added. Sometimes our lives seem like a succession of running against the clock.

Anyway, Friday afternoon we received a call from Spanish television asking if they could come by on Saturday morning, yes, not even 24 hours later, for an interview for the Valencian channel. It would be about naturism, and they wanted to interview an accommodation that offers nakations. Great, we thought, all free promotion is a nice bonus, right? Especially towards the Spanish public, because for one reason or another they don’t find their way to our resort that easy when we look at the origin of our guests.

Fortunately, Joey was just here, so he could open the pool again. Not ideal in terms of timing for a visit from a television crew at a time when all kinds of jobs are being done and building materials are scattered here and there. So it was all hands on deck to make everything a bit presentable. Everything that was inside for the winter months has now been brought out again and displayed around the swimming pool: hammock, parasol, sunbeds…

In addition, our first shift of volunteers arrived on Sunday morning – albeit only one couple – and we also had to prepare a villa after a month of vacancy. They would come on Saturday afternoon. Everything was ready at the last minute. It was quite exciting. Because our siesta is sacred – how Spanish can you get in 4 years? -, and we hadn’t seen anyone at 2 p.m., we sent a message asking about the schedule. It wouldn’t work that day, but they wanted to come Sunday morning. Things had come up that were more important at the time. Tiens, sounds familiar 😉

At least we knew where we stood, and were able to plan our afternoon and evening as we wanted. We were just settling in for a cozy evening on the couch in front of the fire when at 7pm a call came from the reporter asking if they could come now. They would arrive in fifteen minutes. So drop everything again, make the bar cozy with candles and lights, put on our Lavinia t-shirts, because it was now or not, because Sunday was no longer an option for them.

Fifteen minutes later, the reporter with ditto microphone and his cameraman were at the gate. The explanation for their visit : a man was arrested in Valencia and had to appear in court because he was walking naked in the street. You should know that being nude in Spain is a right, so according to the law it is also allowed on the street, unless there are specific local regulations, such as in Barcelona. The man turned up naked to the court to make a statement and was refused entry.

They wanted to hear our point of view on naturism as operators of a naturist resort. The interview lasted half an hour: first me and then Wim, in Spanish, and a part in French. Positions were determined by the cameraman, there was a bright spotlight on top of his camera and Á Punt adorned the microphone.

Completely real, and not easy if you don’t speak Spanish fluently. But they didn’t think it was a problem. We really wanted to show a piece of Lavinia, and with some effort we were able to get them into a villa to film a bit there. The swimming pool that Wim and Joey opened earlier in all their haste was there, bathed in light. But they were not interested in that. ☹

Full of excitement, we searched the website of À Punt – the channel – on Sunday afternoon to see ‘our interview’. It turned out to be very short, of course, and Wim didn’t even get to speak ☹. It was therefore a program with a succession of faits divers that were briefly brought to the attention and commented on by people who had a link with the theme in one way or another. But still, Lavinia made headlines to a viewership of about 175,000 anyway. In Spanish, of course. Apparently my Spanish isn’t too good anyway, because from now on I’ll go through life as “Dana”. Quite funny. Another experience richer. And who knows, maybe a booking will follow?

We can now concentrate on the order of the day again, thanks to our freshly baked, hardworking and sympathetic volunteer couple who come to support us for a week by taking a lot of work off our hands. We enjoy the cozy breakfast together in the morning and dinner with a glass of wine among new friends. Delicious right!

Hasta luego!

Annemie ofte Ana

For those who want to see the full news piece : Look here (only Valencian spoken)

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