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19 June, 2021

Lavinia, zaterdag June 19, 2021

I still have to get rid of him, my egg. It is to say: the story about ‘My Egg’.

Until now, we had always arranged everything with priority for our guests, while originally – before winter – we planned to make our own place a bit more comfortable. Now that both the kitchen and the bar are completely ready, we thought it was necessary to think about ourselves. Because admit it, everyone needs a place for themselves, where they can sit comfortably and relax. We had already selected the ultimate spot, right in front of our house, one floor below, with a view of the sea and the underlying garden. Perfect!

In addition, we also wanted a four-poster bed to be able to sleep outside every now and then. Because we enjoyed sleeping under the stars during our trip to the ‘bubble’ (remember: Our own bubble), we wanted to create our own bubble. I had seen one at a local chain store, so we finally went there at the end of April.

It is a store where we have often bought things, all the white goods in the villas come from there. We soon saw the four-poster bed in question, which was on display: nicely decorated with beautiful sheets, a cozy tablet for breakfast in bed placed on it. It all looked very nice. Jars, candles, bowls. Until the moment clumsy Ana came by, of course… Because I always want to check whether it is quality, and how it actually all works, I walked – brutally as usual – straight to the bed, to check the mattress to make sure what bottom was underneath. Yep, there it went, the whole work of art, which the stylists might have been happy with, moved mercilessly onto the floor… Suddenly the bowls and saucers were draped around the bed. Fortunately, the conscious stylists thought it was a good idea to put a carpet next to the bed. No shards, phew, I managed to get rid of it again… Hastily I made an attempt to restore the still life to the way it had looked before my arrival. It didn’t really work out, because while I was cleaning up, I actually saw a glimpse of my dreamed egg appear in the corner of my eye. In other words: it had to go fast, because I had to test it.

It resembles a cage in the shape of an egg hanging from a chain, with soft cushions in it, all on a sturdy base. In theory anyway, for the vast majority of people that probably applies. Not for Annemie, no, of course not. Out of sheer excitement because I had found one that I could actually sit in, I plopped myself into the pillows. The thing began to wobble precariously, and despite my frantic efforts to balance the behemoth, the whole thing—with me aboard—tumbled sideways, right into the rest of the cushions on display and-what-do-I-remember- all-more. Wim saw it all happen, but his hands were full with a new set of plates, so he could do nothing but sit and watch. Afterwards he told me that he saw it all happen like in a slow motion movie, from the very moment I ran there. The egg-with-me apparently also fell very slowly. It must have been a hilarious sight. I spat out in a burst of laughter that I wanted above all to keep under control, so as not to attract attention. Strangely enough, there were no spectators, neither from the first nor from the second. Fortunately! I suspect the security that they secretly evicted the store as soon as they saw me enter…

In the meantime, I tested, found and bought my egg – in another shop. And I’m very happy with it. We have also slept in the four-poster bed for 3 nights. It’s wonderful to lie down and stare at the stars when you wake up…

Now that there are guests back, that is of course a bit more difficult. It should be possible that there are currently two couples who are very big fans of my blog. One couple was even a top fan from the very beginning. It is a fact that what I write is read thoroughly. It’s really funny : I start to say something, and suddenly there is an enthusiastic response and people take it: “oh yes, you wrote that in the blog!”. I actually feel a bit like a BV’er 😊. It’s wonderful to hear that people love what I write and that they can now see what I write with their own eyes. The amazement is even greater because of it. Suddenly our Emperors Agave has become much more of a unique sight. Did we mention how big he ended up getting? (3 m 85 cm in total!!) To be honest, the real blooming is a bit disappointing, it seems as if as many flowers wither as there are new ones… But, we have enjoyed it all those months!

Our good old Robby – our swimming pool robot – remains the family friend of yesteryear. Last year, after a breakdown, it was repaired by a loyal guest. Unfortunately, he gave up again this winter ☹. And suddenly a new guardian angel shows up who helps Robby get back on track, and then another super fan of my writings! Robbie is happily swimming around again, sniffing the bottom, occasionally crawling up the walls to sniff some air. Thank you E.!

How beautiful it is, that Lavinia is formed in this way by so many different people… We could not have imagined it in our wildest dreams.

There will certainly be more beautiful stories this summer!

Hasta luego,


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