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8 April, 2019

Spain, 7 April 2019

This Wednesday my twin brothers arrived in Lavinia. They are the first to test our accommodation. It was a huge stress for me to get their house ready. Because in the last few days quite a lot had to be done ; painting, assembling furniture, and especially cleaning. The only problem is that dust is so stubborn, and it seems that it never gets clean. We are lucky that, according to an idea of Wim, we have foreseen a family-fool- and friends period. In this way, family and close friends can come and visit us before the season begins, and experience with their own senses what life is like here, how vacation can be experienced here. But above all, we can learn so much from their experiences, their critical view, because they are crawling into the skin of the guest at that moment. We notice that we live so very much in our project, and have developed such a vision of our own, that sometimes we are blind to small but very important things. I only notice that my perfectionism makes it difficult for me to hear criticism. I have to correct myself, it is not criticism, I experience it as criticism. And find it difficult to turn it into self-reflection and growth in our approach to things. It is strange how the little beast that is deep within you, grown from experiences as a child and the development into adulthood continues to eat under your skin. I have to actively push the emotional experience to a level that does not obscure my thinking. I have to I have to rationalize and draw conclusions that only benefit the guests. Because, it’s hard not always to start from your own expectations and vacation experiences to determine which way you choose to go.

Our greatest goal is to offer our guests a blissful experience, and given the diversity of people and expectations, you have to think broadly. That is precisely why Wim came up with this try-out. To learn, to map out the most ideal course. He deals with it differently, he sucks up the information, everything that is said, and afterwards he will bundle all ideas, comments and experiences, synthesize them and only then set course. He just has the patience, while I immediately want to tackle everything that could be improved. So to speak, I would run straight to the store to buy what they are asking for and to please everyone. Of course this is not the intention, it is impossible to satisfy everyone always and everywhere. I’m afraid that’s the nature of the beast inside of me …

The “little ones” as I call my twin brothers disrespectful as they were called as children, help us to plan a number of activities that they themselves really enjoy, and which they “report” to and provide pictures with us. In this way we get the prospecting on a number of fronts of activities that we cannot do ourselves. Or because of a lack of time, but even more because of a lack of physical possibilities. For example, they started a beautiful mountain bike route with the two of them, and a very nice and adventurous walk. Nice to see that the two brothers are absorbed in looking for the right bike and helmet, the most beautiful walks and had already arranged this in advance.

We will of course take their experiences with us and make contact with the lessors of the material to come to a possible collaboration. One of the brothers is very passionate when it comes to cooking. He has therefore provided a nice barbecue, as a test of the new gas BBQ, which we started quite late. In the end we only started eating at 11 pm. Because that is also important of course, finding the right ingredients, being creative. He is also passionate about this. It was great to catch up again, just as brothers and sister, casual being together, being wonderfully honest, discussing anything and everything.

Yesterday the ladies, my dearest sisters-in-law, came after with the niños. Of course, I stressed me up to an even higher level, because women naturally also have an eye for decoration, for design, for practical matters, and so on. Karien has devised our complete concept in terms of mood colors for both the website and the layout of the houses, and has designed our very beautiful logo. Everything in detail forms a beautiful unity and has its own meaning. I make every effort to put her beautiful design and idea into practice when choosing paint colors, frames, crockery, parasols, towels, and so on. It is super that she can also feel, see, experience and come up with it in reality, together with Evelyne, my other sister-in-law, where which frame should hang, how the furniture should be in the room, and so on. Yesterday we went shopping together in one of the countless Chinese stores here. And unbelievable, but they had the softest slippers with them, especially as the gift voucher from Lavinia!

I enjoyed it, just as if I had the sisters that I dreamed of all my childhood and youth. I feel so very grateful, so warm and happy for so much love and warmth. For the first time since we have been here, it feels like a holiday, I allow myself a moment’s rest, a moment to let go and enjoy everything.

Last night we went to an Italian for dinner together, we laughed, enjoyed ourselves. And this morning, after a wonderful night’s sleep, I got the inspiration to organize an indulgent breakfast. I still had oranges, eggs and freshly baked nut-raisin bread. It became a cozy family event, in pyjamas, in the porch of Casa Melodía, the tower house.  I Enjoyed the time without a clock, without the feeling of stress, without the feeling that I have to be busy. It was a long time ago since I was allowed to experience that again, and it is doing immeasurably well. So I immediately decided that I will just enjoy the day off today. So I went for a walk, and I lay in the sun at our own swimming pool, even in the water on a mattress! Blessed paradise in your own house!

Our intention is to offer our own aperitif and coctail of the house. Since both brothers are very creative here, we have made a workshop of it. We can say that the brothers create, we taste, comment and enjoy a tapas. Compare tastes and enjoy. This is what we want to give our guests, the chance to enjoy without more, without “must”. I am only confirmed in what I have known for a long time, that I myself greatly enjoy offering those opportunities to others to enjoy themselves.

It is a strange feeling that there are now people living in the houses, lying in the loungers, waking up and having breakfast, hanging towels to dry, that their own things are in our houses. Even if it is family, it still gives a strange feeling. But a very nice feeling, the feeling that there is “life”, that a new sequel is finally being written to our story. The story of Lavinia …

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