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9 February, 2020

Lavinia, Friday 7 February 2020


This week and last week we appeared twice in the Flemish press with Lavinia, following the Award we won in January.

Radio 2, the national radio, had approached us to give an interview, asking if they could write an article on their website at the regional news and talk about us in the afternoon broadcast. Wim was phoned and asked for his permission, and as soon as he gave this, he was transferred to the recording studio where the interview – by phone, admittedly – was conducted. As an accomplished Famous one, Wim easily answered the questions that were asked. It was all in the frenzy in which we were getting ready to receive friends that noon. So, in the meantime, I continued to prepare dinner and make everything neat and tidy at home. I left it up to Wim, let him be the marketing man, he’s very good at it. After the interview we heard that it would be broadcasted that same afternoon at 12.30 pm. So, despite the visit, we were being rude, and the internet radio was on in the background, because we really didn’t want to miss it. Unfortunately we heard nothing at all about Lavinia, not even in the next hour. We were a bit disappointed to be honest. Especially because Wim had of course announced it on FB…

After the lovely afternoon with Dirk and Mieke, colleagues with a B&B in Jumilla,

where we had a nice chat and enjoyed each other’s friendship, we dived into the office to browse the website of Radio 2 in search of the piece in question. The article was indeed online, so the broadcast had to be found somewhere as well. We re-listened all the programmes one by one, it has to be said, fast-forwarded minute by minute, only to find it back after more than an hour and a half. It turned out to be a short interview with Wim in an item about our resort. Strange to hear his soft voice on the radio. I am quite proud of him.


This week Het Nieuwsblad called for an interview. They would write an article in the regional news Waasland. This time we were so smart to keep it quiet, because neither the journalist nor we knew when it would be published correctly. Big was our surprise when on Wednesday morning, barely the day after the interview, we suddenly received a message from one of the ‘Big Five Friends’ that we were in the newspaper ! Shortly afterwards another message followed from my eldest daughter with the message “you were in the newspaper this morning! 😊”. When I asked her what she thought of it, she answered “I am really proud of you”. My heart melted completely. It made me float with happiness, because this statement of my daughter, this confirmation, made me feel so happy, felt so heavenly and made all the positive reactions of everyone suddenly seem much less important. I have to admit that I always have a deep inner guilt towards my children because I left to pursue my dream together with Wim. And that there is always uncertainty in my head about how the children really think about it and feel about it. But hearing this, strengthens me, hearing this, reassures me a little more. You have to imagine that your mama leaves, somewhere far away, even though you are an adult. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, but I’m sure it won’t be easy, and it will give you a very double fate. It’s a double feeling with me too, no matter how happy I am here. It remains a bit of a duel between following your dream and choosing your happiness, leaving your children behind and trusting that they are strong enough to make their own happiness in the meantime, with the direct support of their father.

(Eng : Saying goodby is not letting go, it is just another way to hold on)

In April, my two eldest children come to visit us. We have closed a week, so that the four of us can have fun and enjoy being together. I can’t wait until it’s time!

Hasta luego !

Annemie or Ana

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