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13 August, 2019

San Vicente del Raspeig, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

In the last week of our holiday, one of our best friends unexpectedly came to stay for a few days. The same friend who was with us at Easter and then unfortunately had the full three days of rain. Fortunately it was different this time and the sun was shining fully with a nice warm temperature of a 33 degrees. We were so pleased to see that this time she could really enjoy herself, lying by the pool, reading in a magazine, enjoying a glass of wine and a tasty dish. I was happy that she could shed the stress and was even able to surrender to doing nothing. Wonderfully beautiful to see. Especially when you know that she is a very busy bee and finds it very difficult not to help. It was also very good for me that she was there, so that I could let go and enjoy as well. Because to be honest, I am, much more extreme in not being able to let go and relax. So, thank you dear Wendy! 😊.

But as if she is involved with the devil, she seems to attract water. And that in a not so positive way. It’s almost too bizarre for words, but just like at Easter when she was here and the washroom was flooded, we now suddenly had a leak on one of the tubes of the swimming pool and our entire technical room was flooded, moreover it turned out also outside, a tube exploded in our private back garden. And as always, something like this comes at the most inconvenient moments. The next day an English couple and a Dutch couple would move into 2 of the villas. Moreover, we were not sure that we would indeed have water in one of those villas. Not the best timing. Fortunately we can count on the excellent after-service of our contractor, and the next day the plumber was there with a workman to get the job done. We just didn’t know if they would be able to finish the work, and if we would have water. So it remained exciting right up to the last minute. The result was that instead of preparing ourselves for the new guests, as we had planned, we now suddenly had to scramble the entire agenda around the technical room – which of course was also full of cardboard boxes and tools – to empty, dry and suddenly use the opportunity to put things in order. Because that had not happened in the past holiday week either.

It was a bit of an unfortunate departure for Wendy because of course we didn’t have much time to spend a nice long evening together as we wanted to.

Time really flies, I have determined to my dismay. I was shocked that we entered the last week of July already. It will be a particularly busy period because the peak season, and from this Saturday all the houses will practically remain rented until mid-September. Provided a few days away here and there.

We already seem to attract the right kind of people staying with us. Each time we meet new, funny and exciting people. It is nice and varied to get to know them and to have hours of conversation on our beautiful terrace while the bats flutter around once the evening starts to fall and the lights in the city begin to light up. Yesterday a new couple of Dutch guests arrived. I notice how stressed people arrive here, how tired they are. While we are in full mode of enjoyment and relaxation and vacation, everyone seems to need some time before they are able to achieve complete relaxation.

Yesterday Wim brought this to my attention because I felt that people when they arrived somehow were not as enthusiastic as I had hoped, or even gave me the feeling that I should leave them alone for a while. I was not aware that even when we go on holiday, we need some time for ourselves to catch our breath, explore the place, find our setting, and only then are ready to enjoy. And again this was the case. We always invite people on the terrace to offer a drink from the house once they have installed themselves. We therefore take extensive time to sit down together and have them tell their story. This ensures that people can take in the environment for a moment and get to know us, and we them. Yesterday the Dutch woman also expressed very clearly what Wim had noticed. And so it turned out that we had the most wonderful conversations at the tajine in the evening, that it had become incredibly pleasant and that we were able to get to know two fantastic people again. And that while we didn’t know the people in advance, and I initially, purely from my uncertainty, I was afraid that the new guests would not feel good with us. It was a wonderful, honest and open conversation, about quite serious things. It gave me an exceptionally warm feeling for this beautiful couple. Wim also clearly felt good with these people, and that also really pleased me a lot.

I am incredibly grateful for this new wealth that Wim and I may experience here. To get to know the wealth of new encounters, the wealth of people who, in our opinion, dare to reveal themselves thanks to naturism. Exposing your body is much easier than exposing your thoughts and your soul. Exposing your body makes you equals, exposing your soul makes you unique, makes you beauty in the only and real sense of the word. Your clothes and your body are just a package for what really matters. After all, it is easier if you only have to get rid of the packaging of your body to come to the true person. Behind your clothing you can still hide by diverting attention to the colors, shapes and fashion. But without clothing it’s still hard to hide your ‘me’. More and more the whole picture of our concept fits, as in the name “Lavinia”, that stands for “purity”, “honesty”, “simplicity”.

Lavinia, you put a smile on my face every day, a twinkle in my eyes, a warm glow in my heart and gratitude because I am so rich, rich without money …


Hasta luego,

Annemie or Ana

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