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21 December, 2020

Lavinia, Monday December 21, 2020

Today we would normally spend our first morning in Belgium with our good friends. It would have been the start of  a happy reunion, cuddling, laughing, talking and reminiscing with friends, family, children. For the first time I would have seen my daughter pregnant, caressed lovingly and in amazement at her growing belly, I would proudly see how my son and other daughter are building their lives.

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I could finally have spoken to my dad live again, instead of spending hours on the phone, grabbing my mom again …

Unfortunately we had to postpone all this until March. However, I will never experience that special first pregnancy up close. It is all surprising, a bit double, because this is the price for our move abroad. But my mother’s heart continues to beat despite everything. Maybe louder. Worrying about my children gives me sleepless nights with ditto nightmares. But our bond has – in my opinion – only gotten stronger. I feel that I can take on my mother role , also from Spain, and that I can be there for them. Different, but very intense. And that comforts me a bit.

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Other ties have also become so much closer: with my daddy, my oldest brother, friends ; this too is a result of our move, a very beautiful gift that I cherish.

We don’t have a real classic Christmas atmosphere now. I try the atmosphere is to spend creating fun too: I knocked decoration together, continuously lit a large candle – a good outcome for problems in people who are very close to my heart will lie n but the Christmas trees are still in the pack in the entrance hall.
The days have become incredibly busy. Time plays tricks on us. Everything seems to happen at the same time, but it is only beautiful things that will make Lavinia much richer and more attractive.

Unexpectedly soon Miguel and son, and his helpers -our loyal workman and- suddenly jumped into action to start the renovation work on the new kitchen and bar / restaurant. Joey, our neighbor electrician-plumber, has also flown in at the same time. That means: choice stress. While we actually already had barely time to breathe, we had topped headlong still looking for wall tiles for the kitchen, floors, windows, you name it … Questions answer we were not always provided, but necessary were the professionals to be able to continue, such as: “where should your socket be for the extractor hood”, “ where should the bar be”… It goes incredibly fast. And I, I frolic in this ever-changing environment like a grateful and happy child who receives the best gift ‘ever’. I feel incredibly happy with these new possibilities that we will be able to expand in Lavinia . Our new bar will undoubtedly be a huge attraction to our guests, especially in the period before and after the great heat.

I love working with mood boards and design drawings, scouring Pinterest for ideas. But how and what remains a secret, except for our investors 😉

B Over all this, we are very busy with the end-of-year planning. Among other things, the bookkeeping must be put in order, New Year cards must be designed , budget plans must be carefully studied, and of course the preparation of our very first Lavinia Event: the New Year’s Eve package.

We still have about ten days, and finally I have the feeling that we are starting to get everything in order: the different recipes have been tried out, the table arrangement has been determined corona- wise , together with the sommelier we have chosen the wine arrangement and the final communication with the guests lined up. Almost every day Mieke comes to stitch tablecloths and napkins . When she’s there, I have an instant homey feeling that catapults me back to my childhood.

Very nice, they would say in the Netherlands I think. The workers whistling and talking loudly, the stitching machine moving steadily, the music on the radio, the smell of freshly baked bread… This is our Christmas. With bright sunshine and temperatuurtje of around 19 degrees, otherwise, I admit, but the atmosphere where Christmas is all about … there is cosyness and joy…

Hasta luego ,

Annemie or Ana

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