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8 July, 2019

San Vicente del Raspeig, July 6, 2019

It is Saturday morning, 6 o’clock, and as so often the early morning, which for many people is still in the middle of the night, is the ideal time for me to write. Nature is beginning to wake up, I hear the rooster crowing, the birds timidly shouting their song, the peacock calling down somewhere. I’m sitting outside, naked, because it’s already 24 degrees. It promises to be a hot day again. They even predict a heat wave, and it appears that this is going up to 40 degrees. I am already starting to adopt the Spanish customs, and I also avoid the midday sun. We often go back after lunch and after our short power nap in the pool, floating on a mattress, back inside. We also sit in the shade as much as possible, while the guests are baking in the sun. Just like I used to do, by the way. Apparently living here is different than coming here on vacation. Strange how quickly you adopt the habits of the “locals”. Perhaps we will walk in December when it is 20 degrees in a thick coat, just like the Spaniards.

An hour ago we got up to say goodbye to our last guests. We insist on saying goodbye to our guests in person, whatever the hour, so that they don’t have to leave like a thief in the night with a rather strange feeling when they have to close the door behind them and leave all by themselves. So far we have only seen mixed feelings among our guests, ranging from regret that their blissful holiday is already over here, to looking forward to seeing family and friends again. But the general conclusion is that everyone enjoyed their stay in their own way. Mission accomplished!

In the meantime the light starts to get. In barely fifteen minutes the sky starts clearing, strange, I had never noticed it before. I notice that I have never lived with nature as much as here. I enjoy the song of the birds, the call of the peacock, the cooing of the pigeons, the view of the flying swallows and bats, of our new pet the gecko, complete in one of our moodcolors, in pink . Delicious. But living with nature naturally also means that you have to take the mosquitoes there, and the wasps here and there …

Today we close everything up till July 16, and take a holiday in our own country. We can use the peace now. They were very intense 3 weeks, and by extension very intense months, in which we were hardly alone with the two of us. That is why we have decided to take it. We plan our 10 days packed with tourist trips to finally explore the area ourselves and still be able to give our guests some information. Because we have to admit, we have fallen short with our first guests. Simply because we had to set priorities to get everything ready to open. And again and again you will find that you have to work against the clock, against a deadline, and you never seem to be ready in time with a sea of time on surplus. It is typical of projects, Wim tells me. And he can know, with his years of experience in project management.

We even have a baby visit in our schedule, and a visit to friends an hour away. Still strange, but also very nice, that after having lived here for only 5 months, we can already make such visits. In the end it is very important to build a social network here.

The only thing that has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks is our knowledge of Spanish. The fact that until now we only had contact with Dutch-speaking guests, and that the Spanish-speaking workers only come to visit here very occasionally, means that we still hear little Spanish spoken. Only maybe in the store. I also want to pay some attention to this again in the coming weeks. We also try to find nice places to go out for dinner, and then specifically the typical Spanish typical small restaurants, where only Spanish is spoken.

I have to admit, I’m looking forward to it. Also relax on our own domain, maybe also extensively test the sauna, laze in the hammock. Just do fun things with Wim. Enjoy each other. The last year and a half was entirely devoted to Lavinia. All conversations, all preparations. It was really very fascinating and really fun, but standing still together is very important. I just hope that I can let go of Lavinia for a moment, and also think for a moment in terms that have nothing to do with our project. I was not aware that Lavinia completely absorbed my thinking. Luckily Wim rang the bell to make me aware of this, and to make sure that we as a couple also take time for ourselves, and only for ourselves.

Time to find some peace and to receive our next guests with renewed strength.

Hasta luego, see you after our vacation!

Annemie or Ana

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