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5 February, 2021

Lavinia, Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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Today it is going to happen !!

I generally sleep very little, or actually, I go to sleep very early, and get up very early. That usually means around 4. At night, indeed… 😉

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Normally my mobile is not on. But for the last week or so, it’s just been on vibrate, and lying with the screen up, so I can see it light up. My daughter would let me know when she left for the hospital to give birth. And of all days, today, I slept until 7am. And just last night I apparently slept too soundly and did not hear the whatsapp. At 2.25 am to be precise, I got the message “the time has come”.

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My adrenaline levels soar, and I start walking around the house like a headless chicken. What should I do now? I immediately feel guilty for not hearing her message. As if Joke was already working on that at all. She has other things on her mind! But luckily I still get an answer to my text that everything is going well. Still a while to go, that’s for sure. So I decide to sit down at the laptop and write here what I feel and experience. Rest assured, I will not write for 12 hours straight – if her labor would take that long …


I think it is very exciting, because so much can go wrong, and that scares me the most. In the end I am also 1800 km away from her, so I can do very little. But Covid would have stopped it anyway, even if I lived around the corner.

We are two hours and a half further. I have regular contact with Joke and her boyfriend Kenny, so that reassures me. In spite of this, I have to be busy, be actively engaged. And so I just do jobs that I otherwise dread, and where I don’t have to keep track of my thoughts. The neighbors gave us tons of grapefruit -thank you Karin and Joey- that I am now diligently pressing. Fortunately with an electric press 😉.

Could it really be that becoming a grandmother is very unique? I already love the little girl who will soon be in my daughter’s arms….


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It has been 4 hours since I heard anything else… Would it? I worked in the garden with some irrigation. There is some thinking involved, and that makes me worry less. Because that zone is located at the very back of the garden, and I have noticed that I sometimes only receive messages when I am closer to our house, I went back to my laptop. It may help me keep my thoughts on all kinds of disaster scenarios under control.



I have been telling myself all the time that she has given birth, and is exhausted enjoying their mini-girl in her arms… Her mommy doesn’t have to be there. It is their little luck, from now on there are three of them …

But so far, I can only hope that everything goes smoothly to plan, and there are no complications. I just realized that we have no Cava cold… Something has to be done about it!

I suspect she gave birth because I see she is back online. So she will call very soon. And what does a good grandmother do? Yes ; make jam. So I make jam while I wait for the liberating phone call. And of course my mobile is constantly with me, it almost sticks to my body. Because I don’t want to miss this. And guess what? Now I see that I missed two video calls from Joke, ten minutes ago! No sound heard, no mobile phone vibrating, no screen lit up.



I call back nervously and see her print it. Of course, she keeps calling around to spread the good news, what would you be like? I curse my cell phone, which is not that old. Remember – for the faithful readers – after I “drowned” my old one on our snorkeling adventure? (*)

So now I wait patiently because I want to give her the time she needs, she and her soul mate. Not easy. But, as always turns out, letting go is the most difficult thing in parenting, and giving space… So I ward off my impatience. I want reassurance, I want to know if everything is fine.

Around 6 pm I receive the redeeming phone call …

“Liv” is born !!

Immediately I cried on the phone when I saw her sweet face! And especially my daughter, who was beaming, without any sign of tiredness, as if she had just gone to the supermarket to get her baby, just like that in between.

Suddenly I have become a proud “abuela” (Spanish for Grandma). It does something to a person. Much more than I ever wanted to believe when it was once told to me by other grandparents. I thought it was a bit exaggerated, but, no, I have to admit, it also grabs me, it also gets under my skin. I’m swelling with pride, I’m in love with that little creature I don’t know, not yet.

25 years ago, Jokes litle feet…

I’m going to crack that bottle and celebrate and enjoy this new phase in our life together with Wim!

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Source : Pinterest



Hasta luego,

“Nanny nude”, or Ana

(*) Blog n° 52 : Pirahna alert


Piranha alert


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