The ‘new way of traveling’ in 2021

We are very much aware that in 2021, traveling will no longer be self-evident, and instills a lot of fear.

We also know that many people crave sun, freedom and enjoy it carefree for a while. Despite the fear, many of us feel the need to flee from this unnatural ‘captivity’. Unfortunately, it looks like this year will be another year of transition, and we may still have to travel in a different way.

You may ask yourself a lot of questions. We have anticipated a number of questions from Lavinia. We are happy to list a few, in the hope that this will simplify your vacation choice. This list is by no means exhaustive. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have more questions.

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Q: What if the imposed measures make it impossible for us to travel to Spain?

Lavinia: “We appreciate the fact that you have so much confidence in us to book in 2021, despite these uncertain times, and we want to be worthy of that trust. We will therefore make you some proposals so that you can make the choice to immediately rebook to a later date, choose a voucher, or have your money transferred back ”



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Q: If my flight is suddenly canceled, will I lose my deposit?
Lavinia: “We are as flexible as possible. This means that you may be able to take your flight a day later or earlier, and still stay with us. In any case, you can contact us and we will look at the options together. That way you can put everything together to decide whether to accept our proposal. ”





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Q : And what about the flight?

Lavinia: “ Alicante airport is a very organized airport, where everything runs very smoothly. Especially if you check in in advance, but there are no long waiting times or queues when you arrive. ”



Q: It is important to have as few close contacts as possible . I therefore want to be able to maintain sufficient distance at any time I wish.

Lavinia: “First of all, Lavinia is very small-scale, with a maximum occupancy of about 12 people when all villas are full. Our villas are oriented in such a way that there is at least 30 meters as the crow flies between the villas themselves. Each villa has its own furnished private terrace and we also have two spacious swimming pools and an enormous garden, so that you always have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet in isolation.”

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Q: I prefer to leave the house as little as possible, not even to go shopping when it is not necessary.


Lavinia: “We have a shopping service, and we do the shopping for you when you wish. We also have a nice range of home-made products (such as yogurt, jam, freshly baked bread, olives, …). We are fully expanding our vegetable garden and composting it, to be able to offer fresh, organic vegetables and there are many fruit trees.

We always have a large stock of water, drinks and most basic products that you can purchase from us. We ensure that you never actually have to do any shopping. ”




Q: Even if the restaurants were open, I don’t feel safe enough to eat out.

Lavinia: “It is understandable that you prefer not to visit the crowds, and rather eat ‘at home’. We meet this with a range of different options.

For example, we continue to organize our famous “live cookings” 3 to 4 times a week. Our outdoor terrace is spacious enough to keep sufficient distance between the different tables, and are of course always properly disinfected. Eating outdoors is also much safer than indoors. The micro-climate in Alicante makes it possible to eat outside until the later hours.





We are expanding our meal service with meals delivered at your villa. This way you can also enjoy a delicious dinner on your own terrace.





We also invoke the “Hola Wien! box ‘. We deliver you a package of ingredients with a recipe, so that you can conjure up a tasty meal yourself in no time. You don’t have to be a kitchen chef or spend hours in the kitchen during your well-deserved holiday.

We rent out barbecue sets or teppanyaki plates with meat and vegetables if desired, so that you can cook at your own table. “






Q: I really don’t want to leave the house every morning for breakfast.

Lavinia: “Ana can bake fresh bread for you every morning. With our home-made jam, yogurt or granola , and a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, your morning cannot go wrong. Wim is happy to bring it to your villa at the requested time. ”




Q: I also don’t want to lie by the pool all day, a little exercise would do me good.

Lavinia: “As soon as you leave our domain from the back, you enter a beautiful nature reserve of 500,000 m² where you can walk for hours, even naked. You hardly see a living soul.

If you prefer to keep it calm, you can throw a ball on our brand new petanque court, or have fun with the shuffleboard or the hammer game. ”


Q: I don’t really like exercise, but I also want to do something

Lavinia: “We have a wide range of board games, books and comics. So you might as well relax that way. ”

Q: You have wellness facilities, but is it safe?

Lavinia: “As long as the risk of corona remains dormant, both the sauna and the jacuzzi are booked by appointment and individually per travel group. That way we can always disinfect accurately as it should be, before and after each use. ”


Q: We would like to take a trip every now and then, but are concerned about the possible crowds.

Lavinia: “It is indeed a good idea to avoid crowds. There are plenty of options in the area that are worth visiting, and where it is not crowded. We’re here to advise you. ”




“Our goal is to unburden you and provide an unforgettable nude holiday!”


Wim & Ana

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