…and win numerous benefits, with an additional 10% direct discount on top!

I participate ! What can I win?

With a correctly unlocked code you gain the following benefits.

The benefits package has an average value of about 10% of your reservation and on top of that you get an additional 10% direct discount. That’s nice on the one hand for the holiday experience and on the other hand for your wallet.

Unlocking the code, how do I do that?

While you browse our website and revel in your holiday with us, you will find a marked letter in a number of words (different color than the other letters, underlined, oblique, …).

Find the 7 letters to form the word we are looking for.

This word is the discount code that you can use in the booking process.

Redeem my code, the booking process

To know in advance: you can try or use the code until 31/1/21. So you can calmly consider your next vacation. Be sure to go through our Q&A, which will probably reassure you about being Covid-proof of both your holiday with us and your safety of your money.

Click on the “Book Now” button at the top of the menu.

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At the top right is the question “Do you have a discount code?”

When entering an incorrect code, you will receive the message “Something went wrong”. You can then either continue without the benefits associated with the code, or you can search again for the letters for the code.

If you did find the code, the booking process will continue.

The immediate discount is calculated after you have made the reservation, just before it becomes final.

The benefits package is awarded to you afterwards, when administering the reservation. You will be informed of this.


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