Lavinia will provide even more relief in 2024

Un-cover. Un-wind. Meet.


These three keywords comprehend our entire concept.

You un-cover yourself, literally and figuratively.

You live, you eat and you experience naked. And in your nudity, you can and may be yourself.

You don’t have to pretend. No one judges. Because you are who you are.


You un-wind, the peace that prevails in Lavinia immediately invites you to let go of your tensions,

by enjoying, by resting, by charging your solar batteries.


You meet people, there is no ‘must’, but may. There is no time pressure imposed on you by an overcrowded agenda.

You have all the time, time for yourself : me-time, we-time.

You determine your ideal balance between your privacy and the time in which you meet people, really meet them.

The encounters at the table with the other guests and with us can be light-hearted or profound, cheerful or serious.

And there is always respect for who you are and how you want to be.


We relieve you of your worries and form the glue that brings people together.

Each in our own way, Wim and I. With the necessary dose of humor and self-mockery, wonderfully honest and sincere.

As a guest you come first, because it is your holiday.

With pleasure, we go the extra mile, hospitably and with all our heart.


Lavinia goes cosiness

More and more guests choose to participate in our communal dinners.

We are then regularly at the table with the twelve. Spontaneously a special, cozy atmosphere is created, where everyone can be themselves.

We notice that people are looking forward to dining back together. Even if they thought before, maybe it wouldn’t be for them.

The moment of aperitif in the lounge on the terrace has become a daily gathering where people meet each other and share their experiences.

We often hear that people feel as if they are sitting at the table with friends, even though they didn’t know each other before.

Every new guest gets a warm welcome and included in the group without judgment. So beautiful to see this.

Spontaneously, new dynamics create new experiences, broadening conversations, and sometimes even friendships.

During the day, each guest enjoys their privacy on their own terrace or in ‘his’ spot by the pool.

We also experience every day how much energy we get from those social moments. That has always been the reason why we started our project.

We opt for the conviviality, for the positive energy and vibes of being together with like-minded people.

And what better way to do it than dining together ?

We note to ourselves that it gives us enormous satisfaction to utilize our talents and use our creativity in everything we do.

I – Ana – can indulge myself to the fullest with creative ideas and fresh dishes, and Wim loves to introduce ‘his wines’ and present them in his own unique way with his typical dry humor.

2024 – Lavinia’s half board, where people feel at home

From those positive experiences of our guests and the satisfaction for ourselves,

we have decided to only offer bookings including half board.

But, as you know us, we are also creative here, personalized and with a certain degree of flexibility.

We absolutely want to maintain our individuality for which we are known:

Small-scale, conviviality, hospitality, personality and authenticity.

We simply continue to live  among our guests, as naturists.

We opt for the social event, in perfect balance with the peace and privacy of your own villa.


Holiday @ Lavinia =

Spend the night in a spotlessly clean, comfortable villa/accommodation with a private terrace

Includes daily breakfast at the villa

Including communal dinner 5 times a week

Free use of all facilities

Free use of the wellness


Including daily breakfast =

Every day we bring you a fresh à la carte breakfast in your villa.

You choose whatever you like: freshly baked bread, homemade yoghurt and jam, fresh fruit, an egg…

Totaly nude and free,  take a seat at the table with peace of mind., when and where you want it. Take your time to awake.

On sundaymornings we enjoy the breakfastbuffet together with the other guests. You will find a where a wide choice of home-made products.

A breakfast on Sunday can be just that little bit extra, right?


Including communal dinner 5 times a week =

Every day, except on Thursday and Sunday, we serve dinner on the communal terrace.

This always consists of a varied, surprising and fresh three-course menu, lovingly prepared by Chef Ana.

If  are on a certain diet, or have an allergy or intolerance, Ana will know what to do.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we can always provide a tailor-made adjustment.

Please contact us in advance and we will arrange it for you.

Wim recommends a matching wine from our wide choice of delicious Spanish wines, of course without obligation. We also have a wide choice of Belgian beers.


On Thursdays and Sundays you can visit a restaurant or cook something yourself, as an alternative.

If you don’t have a car, we will be happy to arrange a taxi for you, or we will provide a tailor-made solution.


A pure win-win situation…

you can take a seat at the table, nude,

you can drink a glass of wine or beer without worries,

you will be served at your beck and call,

ánd you don’t have to do the dishes

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

If you want to book, please contact us

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