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We are Annemie and Wim, a tight couple for ten years with a passion for people

For years, we had an indomitable desire to start a b&b in a sunny country. Actually, we never specifically had a preference for a certain region, as long as we were certain of an exceptionally soft and warm climate.

Having worked for the same employer as an occupational therapist for the elderly for more than 20 years, I found it impossible for me to take the step to throw out all the certainties and give up my job. This was also given me in my upbringing so the step was completely ‘not done’. Our children – 6 in total – were too young and dependent at the time.

Enough reasons not to do it.

But then suddenly quite a long period of uncertainty, completely beyond our control.

Two reorganisations and an acquisition of his employers and a takeover drove Wim into entrepreneurship to work as an independent manager. He already had 25 years of experience in this.

I did not release any certainties until a year later. Due to a shoulder operation with complications I was forced to resign for medical reasons and suddenly I had to find another job myself. I found a fantastic job in a facility for people with multiple disabilities and combined this with an independent project. I felt like I was reviving and breaking out of the yoke of a solidified career.

We have both turned these setbacks into positive choices and growth in our personality. We met new people, felt that we could be more ourselves and develop themselves.

When I was recovering for a long time in 2017 after a few operations, I actively searched for properties, and each time Spain proved to be the place to be. For the climate, the landscape, and for the financial part.

I started reading everything about practical matters and life in Spain. I contacted several agencies in Spain and finally we had booked a week Spain in March full of appointments to visit homes.

The course of our quest you can read in our blog.

During the development of our business plan we noticed that there are already a lot of holiday residences in Spain, more than that there is a demand for it. We had to differentiate ourselves from all others.

Because we have been experiencing naturism for a few years now and this way of life gives us enormous wealth, we decided that this was a concept that we would develop. But to meet everyone’s expectations, we divide our year into two completely separate parts. A season for naturism exclusively from May to October, and a season just dressed in period outside. In this way, everyone who does not want to go naked gets the chance to also relax and enjoy with us.

Our goal is to give people a warm home during their precious holiday, and this in a cozy family way. We want to meet people, get to know them and offer instant happiness. That is why we also choose to live on the property ourselves.

With my strong empathy and listening ability and excellent management skills of Wim, we are the ideal mix to make your holiday a pleasure without worries. We offer a combination of freedom in your own villa and for those who want the opportunity to socialize. We remain small with a maximum of 16 guests at a time.

Welcome to Lavinia Naturist Resort!


Why Naturism?


In my early teens, I was very insecure about my body, also because I always because I always gained weight very easily. This insecure feeling has continued in my adult life, even more so, at one point it has caused me to hide myself under non-flattering clothing. I did not feel like a woman, and I did not feel beautiful at all.

When I first met Wim 10 years ago, he taught me to love my body as it was. He taught me to love myself for who I was, thanks to his endless respect for me and for people in general.

I taught him to enjoy time for yourself, to relax in the private sauna. But because this is expensive, he persuaded me to try a public sauna. There I saw that no one has the perfect body as the media likes to tell us. There was a burden on my shoulders to discover that I was ‘normal’. And the more we went, the more I felt at ease.

Wim suggested a few years later the idea to go on a nude beach, but this was a bridge too far for me, although I would like to do so. One day when we were in the Netherlands on the coast, it turned out to be a very nice and warm day, much warmer than they had predicted. However, we did not have any beachwear, and I decided promptly that I was ready and could go to the nude beach.

The feeling was wonderful and overwhelming, the sun on our naked skin, freed from the chains of my complexes. I could re-breathe, be myself, wonderfully free, literally and figuratively.

We also went into the sea, and felt the waves encircle our naked body, stripped of all the obstacles of a sticky bikini …

Last year we went for the first time on ‘nakation’ in Crete. We met several like-minded people, and noticed that these were all people who had a lot of respect for each other, and for nature. We felt incredibly at home and decided to do this again in the future.

When we finally went for a foreign adventure, it seemed more than natural that we would combine this with naturism. In this way we can share our wealth with others.

We do want to remain small-scale and create a family-friendly atmosphere with attention to personal stories and the pace at which others want to experience naturism in their own lives.

That is why we want to be approachable and give beginners the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere and decide for themselves which steps they want to take and how they want to take them.

Only at the swimming pool we ask everyone to sunbathe and swim naked, on the domain and in the villas themselves everyone does what he feels good about.

Experience the liberation of being exposed in Lavinia Naturist Resort and enjoy simply nude , with all your senses …

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