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Lavinia means just that little bit more to you, and you have a budget you want to invest in us?

Then you might want to ‘baptize’ one of our sub-projects into your project, and invest in a very specific larger plan through a godfather or sponsorship. You know ; the cozy, nostalgic sounding sponsorship like that of an elephant in the zoo, for example😉. That way you could adopt one of our upcoming designs. In exchange, we naturally offer you a tailor-made benefit. Personalized, just as it has always been with us. Rest assured, we will not place an elephant in your front garden, but we do give you a nice advantage, which really benefits you.

We would like to mention our provisional list of planned expenditures. Some investments are more necessary than others, but a less essential plan can be exactly what you see as added value for you. That is why we are also open to other ideas, which we then, after thorough consultation with the two of us, may or may not open up to sponsorship. Naturally, we will continuously monitor our individuality and that of Lavinia.

This winter, the professionalization of the kitchen and the expansion of our vegetable garden are already on the agenda. This means: even fresher and tastier meals, socializing with other Lavinia-Amigos, and enjoying the unique view from our terrace. Our dream is, to suddenly link that to the design of a large covered terrace / bar (in the current outdoor kitchen), which can also be closed at cooler times. In this way, guests can also enjoy our ‘legendary’ live cookings in the early spring or late autumn. Are you that life-enjoying Burgundian who wants to let himself and our future guests experience this, then this might be something you want to contribute to financially.


Some guests also indicated that they would like to throw a ball from time to time, and we too would have liked to design a real “jeu de boules court”. We even have a nice place in mind for it, behind villa Mirada. We want to make it a cozy place where it is fun to play petanque with the other guests. If you love the atmosphere of the game, this could be worth sponsoring.




Because we are very fond of nature, we want to install solar panels in a perhaps slightly further future. In a microclimate with an average of 320 days of more than 6 hours of sunshine, it is simply a shame not to use this major advantage. The most suitable place for this is the roof of villa Mirada, which then needs some renovation. This in turn offers the opportunity that we suddenly also get a spacious, accessible attic that we can expand into a quiet multipurpose space with a beautiful view of the resort and the natural landscape at our rear.



Imagine that : together we could watch Formula 1 or European Championship / World Cup football on a big screen, or have beauty treatments given, or organize workshops. It could therefore be more interesting for families or friends to rent the entire complex privately.

You see; we are bursting with ideas and energy to make Lavinia even more complete and enjoyable for our guests.

However, there are also some more urgent maintenance works that also require a certain budget: the swimming pools have damage that needs to be repaired, the relaxation area in the sauna needs to be refreshed, and there are of course the recurring maintenance costs throughout the complex.

You don’t become a sponsor by going overnight. It is quite something to think about thoroughly, and to exchange ideas about it personally. That is why we are very happy to talk to you, without any obligation or whatever. Video calling can possibly bring a lot of relief here.

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